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The Pneumonia Outbreak in China: Health Crisis Among Children

Amid global efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, China is struggling

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XPeng Flying Cars has been approved- available by 2025

Tech firms appear to be obsessed with the sky on both sides

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China Constructs World’s Largest Earthquake Early Warning System

China is currently in the process of constructing the world's largest Earthquake

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Comedian Ng aka Uncle Roger banned on Chinese Social Media

As part of what appears to be Beijing's assault on comedy. Comedian

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China is using AI to monitor Student’s concentration in School

At Jinhua Xiaoshun Primary School in eastern China today, many children start

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Incredible Rainbow ‘Scarf Cloud’ Appears In The Sky Over China

Everyone is amazed when a super uncommon and stunning rainbow cloud occurs

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China to Grant a 7-Day Break to ‘Fall In Love’ Vocational Colleges

Over a weeklong spring break in April, nine vocational colleges in China

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5.9 MILLION Tonnes of Lithium Deposit Found In J&K, How This is Going to Change The EV Plans of India

 Mining Ministry of India: This past Thursday, the Indian mining ministry said

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Raghuram Rajan feels India replacing China is a premature thought

At the moment India showed tremendous potential to be a world leader.

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The Oil War between Russia vs USA and Europe Explained

Oil is one of the everyday things that you need day to

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