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Bangladesh Quota Protest: 32 Killed over 100 injured

Police and student activists in Bangladesh have been engaged in fierce clashes

Seema Rai Seema Rai

Donald Trump: Mystery around Trump’s shoot at rally

After the FBI identified Donald Trump's shooter as Thomas Matthew Crooks, a

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The Legacy of Henry Kissinger: A Diplomatic Journey

Henry Kissinger, the former United States Secretary of State died at the

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First ever A.I. election in Argentina

A.I. has had candidates say things they did not intend to say

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Joining Diplomatic Divides: India Resumes Visa Services in Canada

In this evolving account, we find India and Canada two nations entangled

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Donald Trump X First Time Since 2021 Slogan “Never Surrender”

Since his final days in office, former US President Donald Trump has

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Newest landmark in Hyderabad Opening of Telangana Secretariat

The Telangana secretariat building was inaugurated on 30th April, creating a new

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Italian Government Aims to “Ban English” Language in Bold Move

  In an unexpected turn of events, the Italian government has decided

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