Italian Government Aims to “Ban English” Language in Bold Move

Italian Government Aims to "Ban English" Language in Bold Move


In an unexpected turn of events, the Italian government has decided to ban English language and levy heavy fines on individuals and organizations that continue to do so. This news follows the recent banning of ChatGPT.

 Italy’s Bold Plan to Ban English Language

The Italian government is set to enforce the ban on English language use with fines reaching up to Rs 90 lakh. The motivation behind this decision is a larger campaign to promote the Italian language and culture, as well as curb the influence of foreign languages, especially English, which dominates international business and diplomacy.

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The Anglo-Saxon Empire’s Lingering Influence

The world has seen the dominance of the Anglo-Saxon Empire for several centuries. There has been an enormous influence of English-speaking nations on non-English countries. Post World War II in 1945, there was an occupation of Europe including Italy by the Anglo-Saxon Empire. This scenario still exists today, with US military outposts on the land of Italy.

A Changing Geopolitical Landscape

The 2020s have seen massive upheaval in the world order with the declining influence of the USA. As this influence wanes, colonized nations may begin to break free from the Anglo-Saxon Empire.

Italy’s Move to Phase Out English

The Italian government’s decision to ban English is a step toward liberation from the time-hallowed Anglo-Saxon influence. It marks the beginning of an era in which nations are regaining their cultural identity and resisting foreign domination.


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