Bangladesh Quota Protest: 32 Killed over 100 injured

Police and student activists in Bangladesh have been engaged in fierce clashes for over three weeks.  The agitation is the aftermath of a quota system in Govt jobs. It confirms

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Donald Trump: Mystery around Trump’s shoot at rally

After the FBI identified Donald Trump's shooter as Thomas Matthew Crooks, a flood of information and misinformation emerged, but more questions remained unanswered even 36 hours after the assassination attempt.

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BCCI Files for Insolvency Against Byjus App

Byjus, formerly valued at USD 22 billion, is facing insolvency proceedings after failing to pay the BCCI Rs 158.9 crore. The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in Bengaluru has approved

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A Digital Entrepreneur Making Waves – Sahil Wadhwani

When just 18 years old, Sahil Wadhwani took on an entrepreneurial adventure that would redefine Raipur, Chhattisgarh’s digital marketing. The agency started off as Vips Media with a mere investment

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Trainee IAS officer Pooja Khedkar may be dismissed

Trainee IAS officer Pooja Khedkar is currently in the news for a series of controversies related to her involvement in abuse of authority and allegations of forging reservation quota-related documents. 

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India needs 1 million high-tech engineers as its economy grows

Over the next 2-3 years, India's technology sector will require more than 1 million engineers. Engineers with advanced skills like artificial intelligence and others. According to an industry association, demand

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What! Robot commits suicide in South Korea

In a frightening and unique incident at Gumi City Council, a robot civil servant sadly fell down a staircase, causing widespread amazement and what many are calling South Korea's first

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Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case accused Mihir Shah

Mihir Shah and two friends drank 12 big whisky pegs before the crash. Mihir Shah, 24, and his companions drank 12 whiskey pegs at Vice-Global Tapas Bar (Don Giovanni). Shah's

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16 insects that have been approved as food: SFA

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) certified 16 bug species for human eating, including house crickets, African migratory locusts, white grubs, bigger wax moths, and giant rhino beetle grubs. Honeybee fried,

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BSNL TATA Collaboration: Releases the BSNL 4G package

BSNL is all set to roll out 4G services in cooperation with Tata. They have introduced new recharge plans. The Telecom PSU has dealt a significant blow to major telecom

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