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Happy Doctor Day 2024 India

For the past 32 years (since 1991), India has commemorated National Doctors'

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Vasuki Indicus: World’s Largest Snake Fossil Found In India

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee have reported finding

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Yuval Nova Harari says AI can enslave humanity

  Historian and author Yuval Noah Harari is one of those who

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Happy Slap Day 2024: What is it? It’s Anti-Valentines Week!

Valentine's Day (February 14) is over. Some individuals celebrate Valentine's Day all

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The Legacy of Henry Kissinger: A Diplomatic Journey

Henry Kissinger, the former United States Secretary of State died at the

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Conjuring Franchise

The Conjuring franchise has become known for its bone-chilling narratives rooted in

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Why were Atom Bombs Created?

The nature of war transformed with the creation of Atom Bombs in

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Why is Gobekli Tepe so Controversial Today?

In ancient mysteries, few sites always captivate our imagination; one of these

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The story behind Festival of Lights in India: Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights. Connected to various religious events and

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