Newest landmark in Hyderabad Opening of Telangana Secretariat

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The Telangana secretariat building was inaugurated on 30th April, creating a new landmark in Hyderabad. The hub of the state’s government is housed in the majestic structure. Which is conveniently located close to the gorgeous Hussain Sagar Lake. It bears B.R Ambedkar’s name, who served as the Indian Constitution’s primary drafter. The edifice rises to its intended height of 278 feet thanks to two enormous domes. One of which is topped with the national anthem.

The structure was erected for around Rs 650 crore. Complies with all Indian Green Building Council standards for fire safety, disaster management, and other legal requirements.



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The Secretariat Building is a state of art

The CM will also perform a special puja in his rooms, which were created with an area of 100,000 square feet on the sixth level, according to leaders. Staff members have their own areas. A hall named “Janahita” with 250 seats has also been set up so that the people can gather and hold a Praja Darbar.

secretariat telangana newly built

More than 30 officials and 25 ministers congregated in the cabinet hall. For holding meetings with the Collectors, two rooms have been built: one holds 60 persons and the other 50. A modern dining room is also put up with about 25 seats to accommodate prominent visitors. Like international delegates and national leaders during their State visits.

Deccan-Kakatiya is reflected in the design

Not only is the vast new building on the banks of Hussain Sagar a place of government, but it also has a striking architectural feature. The architecture and culture of Deccan-Kakatiya are reflected in the design, which captures the spirit of Telangana.

secretariat building

The facility will hold the offices of the chief minister, all other secretaries, and department heads in addition to the main secretary. It is a seven-story building with a 7 lakh square foot built-up area and all contemporary amenities.
According to the BRS administration, the Secretariat building will represent Telangana’s pride and serve as an example for other states.

T. Harish Rao, the finance minister, posted some magnificent images of the complex taken from Hussain Sagar on Twitter two days ago. The Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial, another landmark, is also almost finished.

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