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The Approaching Amendments to the IT Act 2021

It's crucial in the evolving landscape of technology for judiciary committees to

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Zachariah Crabill: A Lawyer Who Used ChatGPT and Lost His Job

In the ever-evolving landscape of the legal profession, technology has become an

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Google Battles for Default Search Engine: Inside the Antitrust Trial

In the tech world, some of the most epic battles happen in

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Zomato and McDonald’s Face Rs 1 Lakh Fine for Wrong Food Delivery

In a recent legal story that highlights the crucial need for precision

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Amazon’s Antitrust Battle: Impact on People and Business

In the Era of the Internet and e-commerce, the word "antitrust" has

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Who’s Suing Kanye now? Check Out Another Collaboration Taking A U-turn

  Keep your hats on, because Kanye West's turbulent year continues to

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Russian diplomat: It could be time to scale back the number of U.S. reporters working in Russia

According to the Russian envoy, the US threatened punishment when Wall Street

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Meta hits the record with $1.2 billion fine for data privacy in eu

A record fine of $1.2 billion will be imposed on Meta due

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OTT platforms face pressure on content by the Government !

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, two OTT (over-the-top) streaming providers, are under

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Manipur is on Fire ? More than 7000 citizens shifted to safer place due to violence

More than 7,500  impacted people were moved to safer locations in Manipur.

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