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Attention Job Seekers: Unlock the Secrets to Thriving Careers in India’s Booming AI and ML Job Market!

  In a groundbreaking development that's set to reshape the Indian job

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ILO Report Reveals: 82.9% of India’s Unemployed Population are Youths

  ILO or International Labor Organization released a 2024 report that says

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70-Hour Work Week: Congress MP supports Narayana Murthy’s Call

The discourse on work hours and productivity gains momentum as Congress MP

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Safeguarding Job Seekers: A Tale of Cyber Scam Caution

In a recent unfortunate incident, a bright engineering graduate fell prey to

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Hiring Slowdown in Q2 FY24: CS, Infosys, and HCLTech

During Q2 of FY24, a surprising development unfolded as major Indian IT

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MBIG Company conducted 7 days workshop at Om Polytechnic College, Umred and selected 10 students for free internship

  MBIG Company of Bhandara organized a 7-day workshop at Om Polytechnic

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Rudraksh Group Highlights The Procedure of The New Zealand Recovery Work Visa 2023

  New Zealand has been slowly emerging as one of the top

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International Calls on WhatsApp: The Biggest Work-From-Home Scams

  Are international calls on your WhatsApp bothering you? Then be careful.

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Job Loss Looms: Are We Ready for Another 14 Million Lost Jobs?

  Job loss is the new wave of disruption on the horizon

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