MBIG Company conducted 7 days workshop at Om Polytechnic College, Umred and selected 10 students for free internship



MBIG Company of Bhandara organized a 7-day workshop at Om Polytechnic College, Umred.

In this workshop, the company trained students as full-stack web developers. At the end of the workshop, the company interviewed the students and selected 10 students for free internships.

MBIG Company has tried to provide a good experience to the students at the very beginning of their careers by offering free internships. Internships give students an opportunity to experience the real workings of a company and develop their skills.

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List of selected students:

Ashwini Farkade, Culture Support
Mansi Sondawale, Sanidhya Gajbhiye
Vrushali Padole, Priyanshu Uke
Pranita Pote, Ahsan Anshari
Anjali Kokade, Atharva Dhande

Objectives of the Workshop:

To make the students aware of the working of the programming departments of the company.

So that students can be given better information about the company’s technology.

To give students the opportunity to develop their skills.

Ambig CEO Shubham Parkhedkar said that many companies do business in the name of workshops in colleges and students are not given any benefit from it.

Our company has made every effort to change this policy, so other companies should also change their policies. Now this will not benefit the college and will be beneficial for the students.

And Meenal Barde Madam of Om Polytechnic College allowed their workshop and encouraged all the students to attend the workshop and take the interview.

The new thinking of the employees of companies like Aman Bansod and HR Prachi Dharmik was taken forward by the CEO Shubham Parkhedkar and the company will do more to promote the students.

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