Shah Rukh Khan praises Mohanlal’s performance in ‘Zinda Banda’

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

After Mohanlal danced to Shah Rukh Khan ‘Zinda Banda’, the two superstars exchanged nice words on social media. Malayalam actor Mohanlal is back in the news, but not for any of his upcoming films. This time, the actor demonstrated his dancing abilities and captured the hearts of netizens. Mohanlal recently attended the Vanitha Film Awards 2024, which recognizes the best of Malayalam cinema. The actor did not just appear; he also stole the event with his dance. The actor’s immaculate performance, dressed stylishly, has taken the internet by storm.

Mohanlal impressed Shah Rukh Khan with his dance performance

Shah Rukh Khan is thrilled by Mohanlal’s performance in ‘Zinda Banda.’ The Bollywood superstar praised the actor on his official X (previously Twitter) account. He stated that he feels honored to witness Mohanlal groove to his track. Furthermore, he invited the Neru actor to supper. SRK commented, “Thank you, @Mohanlal sir, for making this song so dear to me today. I wish I’d done half as well as you. I love you, sir, and I am looking forward to supper at home whenever possible. “You are the Original Zinda Banda!!!”

Mohanlal resumed the topic on X by asking SRK to a dancing session on ‘Zinda Banda.’ He wrote, “Dear @iamsrk, no one can do it like you!” You are and will always be the OG Zinda Banda, with your traditional, inimitable flair. Thank you for the warm words. Also, is it just dinner? Why not listen to some Zinda Banda over breakfast?

Mohanlal and Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are shocked by their spontaneous banter. One of them remarked, “GOAT To GOAT Conversations,” while another wrote, “Legends appreciating legends”. Many people also asked them to work on a movie soon.

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