Mohammad shadab Anwer address the impact of climate change on Worker’s occupational safety and health

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Mohammad Shadab Anwer


Every 28th April marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024, and the International Labour Organization have announced the theme for this year – exploring the impacts of climate change on occupational safety and health.

Mohammad shadab Anwer address the impact of climate change on Worker’s occupational safety and health that effects of climate change are widespread and have been a source of concern for people all over the world, including construction industry. Climate change poses significant challenges for construction workers in terms of heat-related illnesses, floods, mental stress, and exposure to heavy winds. It is imperative that construction companies put their employees’ safety and wellbeing first by putting strong safety protocols in place, offering sufficient training on working in inclement weather, and modifying construction methods to lessen the effects of climate change.

Here are some ways how construction workers may be adversely affected by the effects of climate change:

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1. Heat Illness: The frequency and intensity of heat waves increase with rising global temperatures. Workers in the construction industry are especially susceptible to heat-related illnesses like heatstroke and exhaustion. Serious health problems can arise from prolonged exposure to high temperatures, particularly when they are accompanied by high humidity. Construction workers are more likely to suffer from heat-related illnesses because they frequently have to perform physically taxing tasks outside in the sun.

2. Flood: Extreme weather events like flooding and heavy rains are happening more frequently due to climate change. Building sites are vulnerable to flooding during periods of high rainfall because they are frequently situated in low-lying areas or close to bodies of water. In addition to directly endangering the safety of construction workers, floodwaters can cause delays in projects, which can result in financial losses and job insecurity.

3. Mental Stress: The psychological well-being of construction workers may be negatively impacted by the unpredictability and disturbance resulting from climate change. Construction workers may feel more stressed and anxious for a variety of reasons, such as worries about their safety and well-being in increasingly unpredictable weather conditions or the possibility of losing their jobs as a result of project delays brought on by extreme weather events.

4. Heavy Winds: Extreme weather events like hurricanes and strong winds are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity due to climate change. During strong wind events, construction sites featuring tall structures or scaffolding are especially vulnerable. In addition to causing harm to newly constructed buildings, strong winds can put the lives of construction workers at risk while they work at heights.

Mohammad Shadab Anwer


Deputy Manager HSE & Treasurer IOSH Oman Branch

Mohammad Shadab Anwer is a highly motivated and qualified HSE professional with extensive +16 year of experience in managing HSE aspects of EPC projects in Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, and Infrastructure & Transportation Projects and in Process industry backed with hands on experience in process and operations, in Middle East and India.











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