The Approaching Amendments to the IT Act 2021

ezra Dural
ezra Dural

It’s crucial in the evolving landscape of technology for judiciary committees to adapt. To ensure a safe and accountable digital space. The Indian government, acknowledging the need for swift action, is reportedly on the edge of amending the IT Act 2021. Opening a new chapter for AI and generative models, these amendments anticipate the Digital India Bill. Come join us in today’s blog as we will explore how they have decided to tackle these Digital biases, combat deepfakes, and set strict rules for loan apps.

The Approaching Amendments to the IT Act 2021

Bias-Free AI Algorithms

Updating the IT Act marks a huge step in ensuring unbiased AI algorithms on platforms. An anonymous senior government official emphasized that the legal obligation on social media sites will expand the trust and safety ambit of the internet. This ambition of amendments perfectly aligns with the global debates on the responsible use of AI. While also positioning India as a regulatory pioneer. As the Digital India Bill is still in the works, the urgency to address biases in AI algorithms is evident. The rapidly growing generative AI tech urges us to take action for a fair, unbiased, and accessible digital environment.

Tackling Deepfake and Synthetic Content

Another significant side of the proposed amendments to the IT Act 2021 is the introduction of rules to check and prevent Deepfake and synthetic content. The Indian government, aware of deepfake risks, plans to guide platforms with clear dos and don’ts. While also empowering social media companies to combat manipulated content effectively.

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Deepfake is a platform with an AI-driven tool that crafts lifelike fake videos and, if in the wrong hands, is a platform that poses a significant risk to personal and societal privacy. In light of this, the Indian government is swiftly working on plans to regulate digital content integrity. With these amendments, social platforms can better detect and minimize deepfake effects, fostering trust in online spaces.


India is trying to forge a secure digital future with amendments to the IT Act 2021. The country commits to a trustworthy digital environment, emphasizing unbiased AI and countering deepfake threats. It also demonstrates dedication to leading in global tech regulations, wholly driven by rapid generative AI progress. The choice of amendments highly underscores the country’s determination to swiftly mold the AI regulatory landscape. Furthermore, the amendments signify a bold leap toward a more equitable and secure digital future.

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