Kangana Ranaut: Controversy broke out over Kangana Ranaut’s Khalistani post, the actress took the trolls back.


Kangana Ranaut is not only in the news for her upcoming films, she is also becoming a part of the headlines due to her statements. Kangana gave a big statement yesterday regarding the ongoing tension between India and Canada. The actress criticized Khalistani organisations. She also actively encouraged the Sikh community to step forward and support ‘Akhand Bharat.’ However, seeing this tweet by the actress, social media got divided into two groups. One user criticized Kangana fiercely. Now the actress responded and gave an open challenge to the trolls. Also read

Tension increased between India and Canada

After seeing Kangana Ranaut’s Khalistani post, a user targeted her. Also termed his opinion as despicable and nonsense. It is noteworthy that instead of decreasing, the tension between India and Canada has increased, due to which the government has also suspended visa services with immediate effect. Amidst all this, Punjabi singer Shubh shared a controversial map of India, which led to condemnation from many Indian fans and celebrities. His Mumbai tour has also been canceled due to his move. Amid the boycott, the page of With You singer AP Dhillon and Sidhu Moosewala came to his defence.

User enraged after seeing Kangana Ranaut post

Regarding this, Kangana Ranaut shared a tweet yesterday on Punjab’s boycott of her films and the Sikh community and told how Khalistani terrorism makes them look bad. A Twitter user reacted to her opinion and wrote, ‘Mam, just as your cheap nonsense does not tarnish all Hindus and Indians, a few Khalistanis do not define Punjab, India or the Sikh community. The state where Bordy probably visits home most often, including three in the last month, does not need a sermon on nationalism. Your tweet is full of baseless assumptions and a sense of personal grandstanding. ,

Kangana Ranaut trolls back to Khalistani supporter

Seeing the reaction of the users, even Kangana Ranaut could not remain silent. The actress sarcastically wrote back, ‘Are you sure? Don’t you think that the 1984 anti-Sikh riots were a result of the Khalistani movement in Punjab, and millions of innocent Sikhs suffered losses because of a handful of Khalistanis! In that case, whenever terrorists instigate riots in any corner of the world, innocent people suffer the most, so keep your nonsense to yourself and do not mislead people. No one should ignore anti-national activities. As far as my disgusting non-sensibility is concerned, let me tell you one thing I am very good to the good and very bad to the bad.

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