First ever A.I. election in Argentina

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A.I. has had candidates say things they did not intend to say and place them in well-known movies and memes. It has inspired campaign posters and sparked disputes about whether or not real videos exist. The technology’s important involvement in Argentina’s election campaign, as well as the political controversy it has sparked.

It also highlighted the technology’s growing prevalence and demonstrated its expanding potency and decreasing cost. It is now expected to play a factor in many democratic elections throughout the world. Experts compare the current situation to the early days of social media, a technology that offers tempting new tools for politics — as well as unexpected risks.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is created that can generate images and videos of election’s key characters

Mr. Massa’s team has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can generate images and videos of many of the election’s key characters — the candidates, running mates, and political allies — doing a variety of things. Mr. Massa, Argentina’s staid center-left economy minister, has been portrayed as strong, fearless, and charismatic by the campaign. That included films of him as a soldier in battle, a Ghostbuster, and Indiana Jones.

His spokeswoman then clarified that the tweet was intended as a joke and was clearly labeled “AI-generated.” His campaign stated in a statement that its use of artificial intelligence is to entertain and make political points, not to deceive.

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Researchers have long been concerned about the impact of artificial intelligence on elections. Technology has the potential to deceive and confuse voters, throwing doubt on what is true and adding to the disinformation produced by social media. For years, the fears were mostly speculative because the technology to create such counterfeits was too complicated, expensive, and crude.

Some images were generated using the campaign’s artificial intelligence, while others were developed by supporters using artificial intelligence. One of the most well-known images is of Mr. Massa riding a horse. in the style of José de San Martin, an Argentine independence hero.

The emergence of artificial intelligence in Argentina’s election has also caused some people to wonder what is real. A video of Mr. Massa appearing fatigued after a campaign event went viral last week. His detractors accused him of using narcotics. His supporters swiftly reacted, alleging the video was a deepfake. However, his team verified that the video was genuine, but that Mr. Massa was not high.

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