University of Technology Students Engage in Insightful Discussion at Rajasthan’s First AI Event by ALDS

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
University of Technology Students Engage in Insightful Discussion at Rajasthan's First AI Event by ALDS

In a display of intellectual curiosity and proactive engagement, students from the University of Technology, Jaipur made an impactful presence at Rajasthan’s pioneering AI event, “AI – Bhavishya Ka Dwar” organized by ALDS (Aladinn Digital Solutions). The event’s dynamic panel discussions became a platform for these enthusiastic students to delve into the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and pose thought-provoking questions to industry experts.

The event was held under the banner of “AI – Bhavishya Ka Dwar,” and marked a remarkable convergence of minds passionate about the future of technology. Spearheaded by ALDS, a trailblazing web and app development company, the event’s purpose was to unlock the potential and demystify the complexities of AI for a broader audience.

As a Special Guest, Mr. M.P. Poonia, the visionary Vice Chairman of the All India Council of Technical Education, brought a fresh perspective to the event. He delved into how AI is set to shape India’s future, with a special emphasis on its impact on education. The event gained even more momentum as students from the University of Technology enthusiastically joined the panel discussion. Their active involvement added an exciting dimension as they posed thought-provoking questions that showcased their genuine curiosity and eagerness to learn.

With luminaries such as Dr. Sheenu Jhawar, President of TiE Rajasthan and Director of Apex Hospitals, Dr. Ajay Data, MD of Data Group of Industries, and Dr. Manoj Kumar, Consultant in Radiology at Manipal Hospitals, the panel discussions offered a holistic view of AI’s far-reaching impact on diverse sectors. The discussions traversed the landscapes of healthcare, business, and associated realms, shedding light on how AI is poised to revolutionize these fields.

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One of the most engaging aspects of the event was the active participation of University of Technology students. The students displayed remarkable curiosity and engagement during the question-answer sessions, seizing the opportunity to query the experts about AI’s trajectory and its potential repercussions.

The Quest for Knowledge

One particularly interesting query that resonated with many students pertained to AI’s potential to replace human jobs, thus creating a future of joblessness. This concern was aptly addressed by the experts, who highlighted that while AI indeed has the potential to automate certain tasks, it can also give rise to new roles that harness the technology’s capabilities. The panelists emphasized that the synergy between AI and human expertise could lead to an era of unprecedented innovation and collaboration.

Throughout the event, the University of Technology students demonstrated a commendable thirst for knowledge. Their questions ranged from AI’s ethical implications to its role in shaping the future of industries. The engagement of these young minds underscored the importance of creating platforms for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of knowledge.

A Fruitful Discussion

The vibrant discussion during the panel discussions was indeed a fruitful one. The University of Technology students, through their participation, not only expanded their horizons but also gained deeper insights into the intricate world of AI. Their engagement reaffirmed the event’s significance in bridging the gap between AI enthusiasts and industry experts.

In conclusion, the participation of University of Technology students at Rajasthan’s First AI-based event, “AI Bhavishya Ka Dwar” was a testament to their eagerness to understand and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence. As these young minds continue to explore the limitless possibilities of AI, it is evident that the future is in capable hands, ready to embrace and shape the technology-driven world ahead.


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