India’s first Vande Bharat Metro rolls out connecting 124 cities

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The first Vande Bharat Metro, a short-distance variation of the Vande Bharat Express trains, left the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala, Punjab. Trial runs for the new-age metro are slated to begin in July. A first look at the Vande Bharat Metro, which would connect 124 cities. The train’s interior is also visible. The Vande Bharat Express and Amrit Bharat Express have grown into the pride of Indian Railways.

These trains have provided Indians with the luxury of luxurious and speedy transportation. Now, Indian Railways is bringing the Vande Bharat Metro train for daily passengers. This train might be useful for people who travel from one city to another for work. The first look has appeared on social media. According to Indian Railways, this train will connect 124 locations during its initial phase.

A video surfaced on social media platforms

A video released on the social networking platform X shows an orange Vande Bharat Metro. The film also includes a look at the train’s interior. Modern bathrooms and charging stations have also been observed. Aside from that, many grab handrails have been installed for the convenience of standing passengers. Similar to those used on metro trains.

The railway factory at Kapurthala prepared this train

The Railway Factory in Kapurthala, Punjab, has prepared this Metro train. It may accommodate four, eight, twelve, or sixteen coaches. This train has been built to travel 100 to 150 kilometers. It will be conducted along routes such as Lucknow-Kanpur, Agra-Mathura, and Tirupati-Chennai. Vande Bharat Metro will be quite handy for individuals who commute to work in the morning and return in the evening.

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“The trains have a unique coach configuration, whereby four coaches will constitute one unit and a minimum of 12 coaches will make one Vande Metro,” an official said, adding that the Railways will initially launch a minimum of 12 Vande Metro coaches and will increase to 16 as demand on the route grows.

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