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China is using AI to monitor Student’s concentration in School

At Jinhua Xiaoshun Primary School in eastern China today, many children start

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Hyundai’s Latest Tech: Allow to Drive Sideways and Rotate

Hyundai's most recent innovation is an e-Corner System, which allows the wheels

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Mr. Beast Helps One Thousand Deaf People With Hearing Aids

Just a few months after assisting in the restoration of sight to

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Sapna Kumari: Inspiring Journey of Fancy Dress Designer who came from Small City Dreams to Fancy Dress Emporium

  Sapna Kumari, born and raised in a small city with limited

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Job Loss Looms: Are We Ready for Another 14 Million Lost Jobs?

  Job loss is the new wave of disruption on the horizon

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Man makes Sunglasses out of Chips Packet ! Lets see how?

When you throw away the chips packet wrapper the next time, who

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Implantable Device Smaller Than Rice Shrinks Pancreatic Cancer

Smaller than a grain of rice implantable device has been demonstrated to

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Rochester Man Pointed Laser At Airliner Serve Time Federal Prison

A Minnesota man was given a two-year jail term on Friday by

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5G: A Technology That Could Revolutionize Your Business

  If you are a technology freak then you must have heard

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Apple Announces New Airpods Case With a Touch Screen

A forthcoming AirPods case that is rumored to have a built-in touchscreen

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