China is using AI to monitor Student’s concentration in School

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

At Jinhua Xiaoshun Primary School in eastern China today, many children start their studies by putting on headbands rather than opening their textbooks. Children engage in a two-minute meditation during which they are urged to feel their “inner universe,” after which they compete to see whose ability to concentrate is best—as determined by their headgear.AI education

In China, more and more schools are being fitted with brain-wave trackers and cameras with artificial intelligence. Although many parents and educators view them as tools to boost academics. For some kids, they’ve turned into their worst nightmare.

Nation’s AI Technology Research and Development

China unveiled an ambitious master plan in 2017 to dominate AI research and application by the year 2030. The roadmap aims to advance not only the nation’s AI technology research and development. But also to find broad applications for it in every sphere of life, from business to urban planning.

Recently, it has come to light that several cutting-edge technological advancements are currently being tried in Chinese schools. Redefining the best ways to educate kids in the twenty-first century. While the wider use of facial recognition software in the West is beset by a debate over issues of accuracy and potential racial bias.

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China is making rapid advancements in the public adoption of new technology. As evidenced by several recent headlines exposing how authorities are utilizing it. A high school in Eastern China is reportedly testing a new facial recognition technology. Designed to assess pupils’ participation in a classroom in real-time, according to a recent story from a state-run media outlet.

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Every 30 seconds, the “intelligent classroom behavior management system.” Sweeps the room to record the pupils’ conduct as well as their facial expressions. By looking at a student’s face, the system can determine seven moods, including joyful, sad, fearful, and angry.

Six different sorts of behavior are also monitored by a camera mounted on the chalkboard at the front of the classroom. Reading, writing, raising hands, standing up, paying attention to the teacher, and leaning on the desk.

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