Incredible Rainbow ‘Scarf Cloud’ Appears In The Sky Over China

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Everyone is amazed when a super uncommon and stunning rainbow cloud occurs in China. A city in China has recently experienced the unusual occurrence of a rainbow-like cloud. What appears to be a rainbow is a pileus cloud. People were utterly taken aback by the emergence of a very rare weather event that occurred in China recently.

over rainbow cloud

It first appeared above a thunderstorm in the city of Haikou in the Hainan Province. Also known as cap clouds or scarf clouds. It is created when humid air is driven up and over the peak, where it cools and condenses.

On August 21, 2022, a large rainbow cloud was seen on camera in the city of Haikou. And it’s understandable why some viewers experienced a sensation of the weird and supernatural.

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What did the Experts say about this Rainbow Cloud Phenomenon?

The rainbow cloud is also known as a pileus or scarf cloud by experts. It has a legitimate scientific explanation, which is fortunate for those who are worried about an end-of-the-world situation. A pileus cloud, which is a smooth cloud that stands atop a developing cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud, is produced by the updraft of a thunderstorm.

The bright colors of the rainbow are created when sunlight is diffracted by the millions of tiny ice crystals or water droplets that make up the cloud, as seen in the pictures you can see below.

rare rainbow cloud

These clouds, though captivating, are frequently fleeting, with the primary cloud eventually moving up through the process of convection to absorb the rainbow cloud above.

As well as forming over mountains, ash clouds, pyrocumulus clouds (from erupting volcanoes), and occasionally mushroom clouds after powerful nuclear explosions. Pileus clouds have been reported as signs of severe weather. We can certainly consider the locals lucky to have witnessed such an incredible phenomenon. Because not all pileus clouds produce lovely rainbow hues like the one observed in Haikou.

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