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Enhancing Road Safety: Google vs Apple Car Crash Detection

In recent years, technology has been making remarkable strides in boosting our

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Google Battles for Default Search Engine: Inside the Antitrust Trial

In the tech world, some of the most epic battles happen in

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Unveiling Google’s India 2023 Event: Live Updates and Key Focus Areas

Welcome to our live blog covering the Google's India 2023 event, where

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Google’s Solution to end Password Hassles

In the ever-changing digital landscape, we've all experienced the frustration of managing

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Google’s Multibillion-Dollar Pact with Apple

The tech giant Google is rumored to allocate a substantial annual budget,

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India’s GenAI Ambitions: Racing Toward the Future of AI

India's IT sector is fighting to catch up to global leaders in

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People in anger staged protest outside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat

On August 26, a group of individuals organized a demonstration against Bollywood

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ChaosGPT: AI Bot Tweets Out ‘Destroy Humanity’ Being Tasked

After being given five terrifying missions to exterminate humanity, an artificial intelligence

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Microsoft plans to add ChatGPT feature to Bing

Within a couple of months, we can see Microsoft adding ChatGPT to

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Google soon bring end-to-end encryption feature in Gmail

The more we are advancing toward technology, the more the threats of

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