Google soon bring end-to-end encryption feature in Gmail

Google Gmail has more than 1.4 billion user base

The more we are advancing toward technology, the more the threats of cyber security are. Biggest tech giant Google has announced that it will bring an end-to-end encryption feature in Gmail on the web browser. In the beta version, users can send or receive encrypted emails in the range of their domain and outside of their domain. According to Google, the end-to-end encryption feature will only apply to the email body and attachments, and inline images.  Google already implemented this feature way before on many of its services like Google Drive, Docs, and Google meet.

The tech giant made a blog post, “Google Workspace already uses the latest technology to encrypt all the data.  Client-side encryption helps strengthen the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. Eventually, this will help in the inscription of the broad range of data sovereignty and compliance needs.”

What is Google end-to-end encryption?

The simple meaning of end-to-end encryption is to secure and store your data from third-party access. Third-party will not be accessed when transferring your data taking place.

Working Principle

The message before sending will be encrypted on the user’s device or system. Decryption will take place only at the end of the receipt. At the time of transferring data, even your internet service provider (ISP) can’t read the message. Generally, this work in a simple lock and key method, those having the key will access the lock. Two more concepts that come in encryption are Symmetric and Asymmetric key encryption. The most popular application using this method is what’s app.

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For the beta version, the program opens in January 2023. But the public release will come in late 2023. Users don’t need to do anything it will be the default function. You just need an updated device or browser. Google also announces that soon Calender and Gmail soon available on Google watches.

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