Microsoft plans to add ChatGPT feature to Bing

Though there is no confirmed report, but it is said that it will take 3-4 months for final execution

Microsoft ready to challenge Google

Within a couple of months, we can see Microsoft adding ChatGPT to its search engine Bing. The sources from Bing said the company looking forward to adding question-and-answer features of ChatGPT to its engine. Bing is an official search engine for Microsoft available on both smartphones and PC.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI(Artificial Engine) chatbot, which helps us to find direct answers through the chat questions interface. Since the day it launched, it continues to break all records. Within 5 days it touched a million users, which is the fastest till date. Not only it helps in finding answers to random questions but also can write essays for you within a seconds. Some started to believe that it can kill Google. ChatGPT is not like any other chatbot, its reply is through critical thinking. The basic principle of an Artificial engine is to collect data from all the sources. Filter it and teach itself from that data.

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Is Google in Trouble?

Being the mount Everest of the technology sector for decades, now everyone thinks Google can be replaced. Google become a day-to-day product of mankind, whether it’s a search engine or a different product like Maps, Gmail, and drive. After ChatGPT comes there is a fuss that it will replace the google Search engine. ChatGPT is an AI with just a lot of processed data, but when we talk about data, We all know who will win the markets. Google already has great AI and Machine Learning, and sooner or later it can build a chatbot like ChatGPT.

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Whenever any search engine type appears, it changes the whole SEO and SEM behavior. Have to understand what type of answer or data is showing to the users. It is an important aspect to lure audience and traffic to any type of organization. In reference to this Google Span Team also stated a statement that they can easily detect an AI-based answer and can neutralize it.

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