What is ChatGPT and How You Can Use It

ChatGPT already crosses more than 2 million users

Gradually we are moving into more advanced technology. Even if you are reading this article it’s because some algorithms bring you here. Another advancement in technology shakes the whole world with functionality. The Ai research company openAI create a chatbot Conversation but also solved simple and complex questions of the program. It is similar to Google Assistant but with many enhanced features. Many experts think this will be the end of Google’s Monopoly. The company launched the Beta version for the public for trial. According to the openAl, already more than 2 million subscribers login into the chatbot.

Elon Musk is the co-founder of the company OpenAI, along with Sam Altman in 2015. The best thing about ChatGPt is its response. It is not replying like other chatbots, but we can see a critical thinking response from it. Its most likely feature is the way it responds to the user prompts. Not only response but complex problems like dynamic approach problems can easily be available. According to the creator, this AI can admit mistakes and can show inappropriate mistakes.

Work Mechanism of ChatGPT!

Right now anyone can access chatGPT because it’s a beta version. Though there is not any confirmation whether they will charge for it or not. But this version is available only for the research process. This simply means individuals just need to open the OpenAI website to log in/signup for using ChatGPT. OpenAI said they use Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to train the model, to get like critical thinking responses. The company CEO Sam Altman hinted he will take charge of the service provided by ChatGPT. The CEO tweeted, “We will have to monetize the service at some point, the background cost needed to run it is eye-watering”

Now people start questioning on the credibility of Google, whether it will be that reliable or not. Even some of the best site of answering your question StackOverflow is not secured. On Friday StackOverflow posted they don’t accept GPT and ChatGPT answers. Maybe one day an AI comes that can write these type of article.

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