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Ryan Reynold’s Sells Mobile Company ‘Mint Mobile’ For $1.3 Billion

Ryan Reynolds is "extremely thrilled and grateful" that T-Mobile is buying his

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Space Scientist: Dr Maggie Aderin Given Barbie Honour

Barbie's latest Role Model doll honors Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a British space

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Nike To Stop Using Kangaroo Skins For It’s Shoes In 2023

Nike will soon deliver an update on using kangaroo skin for its

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Bali Plans Tourist Motorbike Ban Over Traffic Violations

Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster said that tourists should behave like tourists.

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Paris Bin Strike: Tonnes Of Rubbish Piles Up The Streets

Piles of rubbish bags and bins are overflowing in the capital of

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Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Spotted Together Amid Dating Rumors

The famous supermodel Kendall Jenner and singer Bad Bunny were together on

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Quietum Plus Reviews 2023 : This One Solution Changed My Life

Hearing is one of our most important senses, allowing us to connect

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Global Seed Vault Built by Oreo In Case Of Apocalypse

As per trusted sources: Oreo, the world's top-selling cookie company has built

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NASA- New Asteroid Hit DW 2023 On Valentine’s Day 2046

In 23 years, a newly discovered asteroid the size of an Olympic

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