India’s X alternative Koo shuts down: Expert Says

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Here’s why Twitter’s rival, the Bengaluru-based ‘Koo’ app, is shutting down its operations. Koo App, a microblogging network that competes with Twitter, has gone down. Despite quick growth and expansion, tough competition and financial difficulties forced its collapse. Despite efforts to seek funding, the founders announced the end of the project. Koo’s trip showed India’s desire for self-sufficiency and creativity in the digital realm.

Koo App, a microblogging platform that arose as a competitor to Platform X (previously Twitter), has shut down its operations. Despite its early success and tremendous expansion over the last four years, the Bengaluru-based company has faced insurmountable hurdles, prompting its closure.

Koo was introduced in India and soon gained popularity, particularly during the Atmanirbhar movement, which promoted self-reliance. The app increased its reach to a number of nations, including Brazil, where it launched last year. However, the fierce rivalry in the social media sphere, advances in artificial intelligence, and the global market were too much for Koo to handle.

Koo App won big at the Google Awards 2020, becoming one of the Best Essential Apps of 2020.

Aprameya Radhakrishna, founder, and Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder, held a press conference to announce the company’s closure. Radhakrishna claimed that despite their best efforts to keep the app running and numerous attempts to merge with other organizations, they were unable to gain the necessary support. “We started Koo with a lot of love and ambition, but we are unable to continue,” he noted.

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The Koo app’s journey has been a roller coaster. To continue its expansion during the first two years, significant capital expenditures were required. Even with $66 million coming in at the end of last year, valuing Koo at $274 million, the financial demands of competing in the global market were too great.

Eminent personalities celebrate Karnataka Rajyotsava on the Koo App.

Koo’s closure signals the end of an important era in India’s digital environment. The software not only offered an alternative to Twitter, but it also embodied the ethos of India’s desire for local innovation. Despite its collapse, Koo’s influence on social media and contribution to the Atmanirbhar movement will be recognized.

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