Usha Uthup husband Jani Chacko dies due to heart arrest

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Jani Chacko, the husband of renowned vocalist Usha Uthup, died at the age of 78 from a heart attack. Chacko, a tea taster, became Usha’s second husband and played an important role in her life. Usha and their children survive Jani, and she leaves a legacy of love and family relationships.

Usha Uthup, a popular Indian vocalist, lost her husband, Jani Chacko, on July 8th. Jani Chacko Uthup died of a massive heart attack at his residence in Kolkata. He was 78 years old. In truth, few people realize that Jani Chacko was Usha Uthup’s second spouse.

Usha initially met Jani Chacko in 1969 while performing at Trincas, a Kolkata nightclub

Usha was then married to her first husband, Ramu, who had accompanied her to Kolkata for the performance. According to her authorized biography, ‘The Queen of Indian Pop: The Authorized Biography about Usha Uthup’ by Vikas Kumar Jha, Usha first noticed Jani sitting at a neighboring table while singing ‘A Taste of Honey’ by Herp Albert.

Ramu and Jani happened to converse that day, and the two men met again for supper the following day. Interestingly, Jani invited Ramu to the conference.

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On the second day, Usha was performing at Trincas when she recognized Jani; however, her then-husband Ramu was not present. Jani volunteered to drop Usha home after the show, which she accepted. Jani and Usha didn’t talk much during this period, but when she arrived home and her husband Ramu noticed she was with Jani, he was upset.

According to her biography, “Ramu told Jani, “That’s enough, Mr. Uthup! “You can leave,” Ramu said, closing the door. When confronted with Ramu’s actions, “he shouted and broke down.” Ramu grew distant from Usha during the next few days, and their five-year marriage ended. Usha decided to leave Ramu and marry Jani Chacko for love.

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