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How Long Do We Need To Hold The Plank Pose To See The Result

The maximum amount of time to hold plank Plank is a basic

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NASA Says It Will Try To Blast Didymos Asteroid To Save Collision With Earth

Does scientist take this asteroid as a hazard? An enormous asteroid—big enough

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NASA Catches A Clear Image Of A remarkably Dynamic Galaxy

When the universe was about 3 billion years old, just 20% of

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Where does our consciousness lie; scientist new study

Consciousness: the extraordinary, mysterious manner by which each of us thinks and

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Maintain Bone Density With These Essential Nutrients Other Than Calcium

We all should try to maintain good bone health and it is

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Top 5 Food That Can Lead To The Development Of Cancerous Cells

"You are what you eat" - This proverbial saying holds great relevance

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How this Man Built An Eco-Friendly Home That’s Cool in Summers And Saves 500 Litres of Water/Day

Sustainable Living Ideas- How Pradeep's Idea Began? When Pradeep Krishnamurthy, a resident

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Three Massive Asteroids Fly In Proximity to Earth This September 2021

NASA categorizes asteroids larger than 150 meters in diameter flying closer than

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Astrophysicist Detect A Black Hole Gobbling Up A Star From Inside Calling It A Massive Supernova

Astronomers have caught the rarest of the cosmic event. The event where

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The Science of Warming Up: Why is it Important to Warm-Up Before Working Out?

Warm-up exercises are an important part of a workout regime. Not only

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