New Research: Workout Burns Fewer Calories Than You Think

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Past beliefs told us that working out helps in burning calories fast. Well! it is still true but it might not help us burn as many calories as we might think. It is a common belief that raising your metabolism helps you burn more calories. But working out more does not make weight loss obvious. You wanna know why? New research has revealed new concepts. The study published in Current Biology found out that if you exercise, your body may actually burn fewer calories during the rest of the day than expected. To be more specific, it mentioned about 28 percent less.

You can check out the research yourself here:!

What did the Researchers Found Out?

The research including data from 1,754 adults. Researchers looked specifically at how many calories they burned at baseline and how many calories they burned during the day. They also analyzed their body composition, basal energy expenditure and burnt calories while doing general daily activities. Everybody’s digestion and calorie-consuming capacities are unique. The researchers tracked down that and found out, almost 72% of the calories that individuals consumed from exercise and general movement actually converted into additional calories burned that day. It isn’t so much that their exercises “didn’t count”. Rather their bodies compensated for the increased exertion of activity by decreasing their basal energy consumption when they weren’t being active. In this way, it burned fewer calories while they were being at rest.

Also, the study suggests that since everyone’s metabolism responds differently to workouts, it might be helpful to understand how your metabolism responds to your workouts. As a result, you can alter your workout routine accordingly.

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For Example,

To get better clarity on this concept, let me shed light on how this works. Earlier, we used to assume that if we went for a run and it supposedly burnt 100 calories. Subsequently, if we went for another run, it will burn another 200 calories. However, now we know, it does not work in that manner. The new studies on working out and metabolism have revealed that more activity does not necessarily result in more burnt calories.

However, the study did not take into consideration people’s food consumption habits. It just looked at energy outlay and burnt calories. One of the researchers emphasized regular exercising and healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy body. In conclusion, overall lifestyle change is necessary for maintaining a healthy body. No matter if your goal is to lose weight or chiseled abs, good lifestyle habits go a long way!



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