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Bangalore’s water crisis: Causes and Solutions

Bangalore, once known for its lush greenery and abundant water bodies, is

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Is India the dirtiest country in the world?

Most of India's lakes and rivers are heavily polluted by urban and

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Delhi man’s kind gesture sets an example as city’s homeless face grave danger of air pollution

  New Delhi, Nov 10: As the air pollution is worsening in

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Delhi’s Air Pollution: Struggling with Choking Haze

Delhi, the vibrant heart of India, once again finds itself in the

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ARKCA – A name for Sustenance & One-Stop Accounting

Driven by a cognitive business approach, Arkca Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd has

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Mount Everest as ‘World’s Highest Garbage Dump’

An alarming film depicts Mount Everest's transformation into the "world's highest garbage

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New York City’s Health at Risk

New York City, known for its vibrant streets and iconic skyline, is

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“Give Plastic Take Gold”: An environmental scheme started by the citizens of Sadiwara, South Kashmir!

A remote village panchayat in South Kashmir's Anantnag district named Sadiwara has

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New type of plastic-eating microbes has been discovered

A class of bacteria that can 'digest' plastic at low temperatures has

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