New York City’s Health at Risk

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
New York City's Health at Risk

New York City, known for its vibrant streets and iconic skyline, is grappling with a severe environmental challenge. As thick smoke from the raging wildfires in Canada blankets the city. The influx of smoke has caused a dramatic deterioration in air quality. Catapulting New York City into the ranks of the world’s most heavily polluted areas. This alarming development has sparked global concern and spurred immediate action. Unexpectedly, New York City’s Health at Risk, the burning wildfires in Canada has caused it.

New York City’s Air Quality Index (AQI) Plunges

According to Swiss air quality technology company IQAir, early Wednesday morning, New York City ranked second in terms of the worst air quality and pollution out of 100 countries they track, with Delhi, India taking the top spot. Early reports revealed that New York City’s AQI, reaching a staggering 160, fell into the “unhealthy” category. This classification raised concerns over potential health risks for residents and visitors alike. However, it was later pushed to third place as Detroit’s AQI rose to 162. This has gotten New York City’s Health at Risk

IQAir states that the city typically maintains an AQI of less than 50 classified as “good,” in recent years. The World Health Organization’s yearly air quality guideline value for particle matter is now 14.5 times greater than the concentration of particulate matter in the air in New York. However, it is expected to improve to at least a “moderate” level over the weekend.

Global Comparison and Washington, D.C.’s Troubles

The rankings for New York City’s air quality are concerning on a global scale. The city was initially listed by IQAir as having the second-worst air quality and pollution among 100 nations, just behind Delhi, India. However, Detroit’s AQI later overtook it, climbing to 162. A government-run website called AirNow reveals an even higher AQI of 194, while IQAir reports an AQI of 180 for Washington, D.C., which also has its own problems. These numbers highlight how prevalent the problem is and how vital it is to take all-encompassing action.

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Call for Action

The deteriorating air quality in New York City significantly impacts the health and well-being of its residents. The National Weather Service has issued warnings, emphasizing the hazardous conditions that put anyone exposed to the polluted air at risk. To tackle this urgent concern, authorities have extended health advisories throughout New York State, aiming to protect the population from the detrimental effects of the pervasive smoke. Mitigating the impact and restoring the city’s air quality to safe and healthy levels require immediate and concerted efforts.

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