“Give Plastic Take Gold”: An environmental scheme started by the citizens of Sadiwara, South Kashmir!

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Give Plastic take Gold ! An environmental scheme in Sadiwara Village In South Kashmir

A remote village panchayat in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district named Sadiwara has come up with the innovative and environmentally beneficial concept of awarding a gold coin for collecting plastic garbage in order to protect the environment.

The local panchayat has launched a novel initiative to protect the environment. A program named “Give Plastic and Take Gold” has been launched by the village chief. According to the plan, the panchayat would offer someone a gold coin if they provide 20 quintals of plastic rubbish.

Farooq Ahmad Ganai is an inspiration to everyone in the Kashmir Valley. He is a lawyer by trade as well as the Sarpanch of the hamlet of Sadiwara. Within 15 days of the campaign’s launch, the entire community had been designated plastic-free.

Give Plastic and Take Gold is a Sucess

The program has gained widespread popular support, won universal acclaim, and been adopted by other panchayats.
“I started a slogan in my village to give polythene in exchange for a reward,” attorney Farooq Ahmad Ganai said in a statement to ANI. I started cleaning the rivers and streams on my own. Everyone in the village now contributes to the clearing of the sites.

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The hamlet is now completely clean, and all the rubbish that is collected is distributed to the panchayat members. Previously, mountains of plastic debris had been thrown on its streets and roads. This hamlet serves as a model for the other communities, and the administration is trying to implement this concept across all of the Union Territory’s villages.

Shakeel Wani, the head of the Sadiwara Youth Club, stated that. “Locals of all age groups had shown interest when the panchayat exhorted them to collect plastic waste from garbage dumps, rivers, and roads.”

The Sadiwara Panchayat and the District Administration have launched this strategy in order to comply with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 2 initiative. According to Riyaz Ahmad, Assistant Commissioner for Development in Anantnag. This is not a government initiative designed to inspire villagers to keep their neighborhoods clean.

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