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Man ends his life after AI chatbot ‘Encourage’ him to suicide

After six days of conversations with a ChatGPT-like chatbot, a man commits

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K-Pop Artist Moonbin Dies At 25: Found Dead On His Apartment

The record label of K-pop artist Moonbin has revealed that he passed

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What Gamers might look like in 20 Years? According to a study

If people don't alter their living patterns, a study was done to

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Top 5 Health Benefits About Cacao ‘Food Of The Gods’

From ancient times, the cacao bean is a treasure for its tantalizing

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Yoga Meditation: Mindfulness Benefits-Ujjayi Breath

Mindfulness Meditation is the discipline of being fully present at the moment,

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Understanding Emotional Scar- How to Deal with it?

Although, many people suffer from everyday problems and stress. Emotional Scar is

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