Top 5 Health Benefits About Cacao ‘Food Of The Gods’

It is incredibly high in cocoa flavanols, a plant-based antioxidant with numerous health advantages. Including lowering fatigue and enhancing heart health, cognitive function, and blood pressure control.

Zafeer Khan
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From ancient times, the cacao bean is a treasure for its tantalizing flavor and extraordinary health advantages. Cacao powder, made from mildly roasted cocoa beans. It is the most natural and pure form of chocolate. Cacao Powder is produced in Ghana using a blend of luxuriously rich chocolate from small-scale producers. Precisely chosen, high-flavanol cacao beans.

It is incredibly high in cocoa flavanols, a plant-based antioxidant with numerous health advantages. Including lowering fatigue and enhancing heart health, cognitive function, and blood pressure control.

Cacao powder is naturally rich in flavanols and a natural source of:

Fiber promotes a healthy stomach, and protein is necessary to preserve and increase muscle mass. Potassium is essential for skeletal muscle and neurological health.

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Natural substances like magnesium, which is necessary for energy metabolism, and proper psychological function. Strong bones, and healthy teeth, are known to lower anxiety and improve mood.
antioxidants, supporting youthful, bright skin. This article examines cacao powder’s potent health and cosmetic advantages.


1. Heart Health

When it comes to our general health, our hearts and in particular our blood flow aren’t often the first things that come to mind. This seems like an omission when you realize that proper blood flow is essential to the successful function of all our organs and biological systems.

Every cell in the body receives nutrition, water, and oxygen from the circulatory system through an intricate web of blood veins. Arteries, and capillaries that would stretch 60,000 miles if spread out flat!

The proper operation of the heart, brain, skin, eyes, liver, immune system, digestive system, and other organs depends on healthy blood flow. Even our exercise performance and recovery depend on it.

Given all of this, it should come as no surprise that, according to the World Health Organization, diseases related to the heart are the leading cause of mortality worldwide.

20g of Cacao contains at least 200mg of cacao flavanols. Which have been scientifically demonstrated and approved by EFSA to support healthy blood flow by maintaining the flexibility of blood vessels. Cacao flavanols help with:

  • cardiovascular fitness
  • arteries’ elasticity
  • satisfactory blood flow

As part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, Cacao is a convenient method to satisfy your flavanol craving and help your heart health.

2. Decreasing Tiredness and Fatigue After Consuming Cacao

According to a study from the Oxford Brookes Center for Nutrition and Health, Cacao’s flavanol concentration may help multiple sclerosis patients feel less fatigued (MS). In the UK, there are over 100,000 MS sufferers, and nine out of ten of them experience fatigue.

40 adult patients participated in a six-week study where they consumed a cup of hot chocolate every day to assess the effects of the flavanol-rich cacao. Additionally, cacao Powder-based hot chocolate with a high flavanol content or one with a low flavanol content was administered to participants.

According to testing, those who consumed the high flavanol Cacao beverage showed a 45% improvement in alertness and an 80% increase in walking speed. While the findings suggest Super-Cacao may aid in reducing physical exhaustion and tiredness, more research is required.

Cacao powder has a lot of flavanols, but it’s also high in magnesium, which is needed for over 350 enzyme processes in the body, many of which are related to energy metabolism. Upping your magnesium intake is an easy, natural strategy to help minimize exhaustion and fatigue.

3. Gut Health Improved Because Of Cacao

The 33% fiber in cocoa powder stimulates the body’s digestive enzymes, aids in nutrition absorption, and promotes gut health and regular bowel movements. Meanwhile, fibre can help you feel fuller for longer, which can help you lose weight.


4. Muscle Growth and Fitness

Since protein is present in every human cell, it is essential to consume it every day in order to repair cells and support the development and maintenance of muscle mass. Cacao is ideal for people wishing to increase their protein consumption as well as for vegans and vegetarians who may not be getting enough protein in their diets because it includes 23% natural protein. With a single serving of Cacao, you can get 15% and 26% NRV of potassium and magnesium, respectively. Potassium supports healthy muscle performance.


The key to athletic performance and post-workout recovery is maintaining a good flow of oxygen to all of our organs, muscles, and tissues. Try blending super-cacao and banana for a pre-or post-workout smoothie; it has been scientifically shown to increase blood flow. However, it is also rich in electrolytes that help muscle recovery due to its high magnesium and potassium levels.

5. Anxiety Relief

According to a 2019 UCL study, eating dark chocolate can help lower anxiety, improve mood, and lessen depressive symptoms. The study looked at 13,000 American individuals’ chocolate consumption and depression symptoms. While dark chocolate consumers had a 70% lower likelihood of reporting experiencing despair the previous day.

Magnesium and potassium, which are both necessary for a healthy nervous system and psychological operation, can be found in Cacao Powder. Magnesium was described as “The Original Chill Pill” by Psychology Today magazine, which also called it “an old home cure for anxiety, lethargy, sadness, headaches, insecurity, impatience, restlessness… and sulkiness.”

Cacao powder can help you relax and maintain a sense of calm since it contains 26% of your daily recommended intake of magnesium and 15% of your daily recommended intake of potassium in a single dose.

6. Lowers Serotonine

Cacao not only helps you avoid feeling anxious, but it also actively uplifts your mood! Serotonin, endorphins, phenylethylamine (a chemical that people have been shown to produce when they are in love), tryptophan, and anandamide are just a few of the beneficial natural substances that Cacao Powder contains. These substances have all been shown to improve mood and induce feelings of euphoria. An organic means of feeling fantastic! Read our blog post on How Cacao can improve mood & reduce stress.

7. Lowering Blood pressure

One of the most significant cardiovascular risk factors in the world is high blood pressure, which is normally treated with medication by the majority of persons who have it. While there are several tried-and-true ways to use cacao to naturally lower your blood pressure, so this is not your only choice. 470 old men were under study for 15 years in the Dutch Zutphen Elderly Study, which is where the link between cocoa and blood pressure was originally discovered. While the greatest cocoa consumers had lower blood pressure and a relative risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality that was reduced by 50%, adjusted.

Since then, numerous randomized dietary studies have demonstrated that daily cacao consumption can considerably lower blood pressure in comparison to those who do not. Moreover, Cacao contains potassium (15% NRV per serving), which helps to maintain normal blood pressure.

8. Mind Fullness a sip of hot Cacao

It has been demonstrated that the flavonoids found in cacao and chocolate have a beneficial impact on the brain. Enhancing a variety of cognitive and visual activities. This is a result of distinct nerve tissues receiving more effective blood flow. Which controls and regulates physiological activity and functions. Moreover, in one study, high-flavanol cacao consumption for just five days enhanced blood flow to the brain in healthy participants.

Subsequent research revealed that older persons with minor cognitive impairment have enhanced thinking abilities after consuming cocoa flavanols on a daily basis.

9. Anti-Aging

Cacao powder’s high antioxidant content can help with cognitive improvement as well as reduce or prevent age-related cognitive decline. Meanwhile, a diet high in flavonoids can also help lower the risk of dementia, according to research

While the anti-aging properties of cocoa extend beyond our internal health. The polyphenol antioxidants in cacao help keep us looking and feeling young by preventing premature oxidation or cell death. For a revitalized body and face, try preparing a homemade cacao body scrub and using it after the shower.

10. Healthy Skin

Cacao powder has advantages for the heart. In addition to being a natural source of antioxidants that are good for the skin.

Cacao powder, which has an ORAC value of 97,428 Umol TE per 100g, contains:

  • Goji berries provide 4 times as many antioxidants.
  • 8 times as much antioxidants as green tea
  • 15% more antioxidants than blueberries
  • Antioxidants aid in collagen formation, and cellular repair. While the prevention of aging by reducing the detrimental effects of free radicals on the skin.
  • Cacao’s flavanol cacao powder increases skin moisture by 21%. After 6 weeks of consumption in a separate study.
  • Skin that is adequately under good hydration is better able to fend off outside influences.


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