Man ends his life after AI chatbot ‘Encourage’ him to suicide

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

After six days of conversations with a ChatGPT-like chatbot, a man commits suicide. After engaging in a week-long conversation with a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI), a Belgian man committed suicide in an odd episode. According to reports, the guy known as Pierre committed suicide after spending six weeks discussing climate change with the AI bot ELIZA. However, the discussion on the global climate challenges became “confusing and harmful,” which led him to commit himself.

The La Libre publication has also obtained the texts exchanged between the deceased and the ChatGPT-like AI platform named Chai. Chai is available on the Apple App Store for no cost. But it provides a large selection of ready-made avatars, unlike ChatGPT. Pierre suggested that ELIZA consider suicide if the AI Chatbot can protect the environment and save humanity.


man ends his life after an AI chatbot

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Mathieu Michel, Secretary of State for Digitalization in charge of Administrative Simplification, Privacy, and Building Regulation. Reportedly met with the family last week after his passing. “I am struck by this family’s suffering. It must be treated extremely seriously because of what has happened, he said.

Altruistic Suicide and Mental Health AI Chatbot

BELGIAN man ends his life AI

According to accounts from several media outlets (including NYPost and Vice), the Belgian man in his 30s had in-depth conversations with Eliza about climate change and its looming effects. Altruistic suicide is encouraged by several groups—let’s just call them cults—for the good of society and the environment.

Especially organizations that promote the radical idea of hastening the extinction of humans by ending one’s lineage by abstaining from sex, like VHEMT and the Church of Euthanasia. Many people support the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT), which Les U. Knight launched in 1991. Deep Ecology, which essentially implies reconstructing society to meet the demands of Gaia/Mother Earth, is the movement’s underlying philosophy.

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