K-Pop Artist Moonbin Dies At 25: Found Dead On His Apartment

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The record label of K-pop artist Moonbin has revealed that he passed away at the age of 25. According to South Korean media, he was discovered unconscious by his manager on Wednesday night at his apartment in Seoul. Moonbin appeared to have committed suicide, according to the police.

Moonbin death suicide

Before joining the boy band Astro at the age of 18, the artist had experience as a model and actor. In a tribute, his label Fantiago claimed Moonbin “unexpectedly left our world and became a star in the sky.” His “Arohas” (Astro fans) have been in mourning since his passing.

The death of Moonbin sheds light on the mental health of the South Korean Entertainment Industry

The singer is just one of several who have committed suicide in South Korea in recent years. Jonghyun, a K-Pop artist who committed suicide in 2017, wrote in his note about his despair and the stress of having been in the public eye for almost ten years. 2019 saw the home discoveries of singers Goo Hara and Sulli, whose deaths were later determined to be suicides. It is currently uncertain whether Moonbin left a suicide note before he passed away.

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Astro member found dead on his apartment

Moonbin has disclosed his struggles with mental illness

Moonbin had been quite candid about his battles with stress and anxiety throughout his ASTRO career. He said that he had experienced anxiety since he was a small child in an interview with a Korean news outlet in 2019.

Also mentioned that he had sought treatment and used medicine to treat his issues. Moonbin claimed at the time that he relied on his friendships and family as well as exercise to help him manage his anxiety.

Astro Moonbin death

Moonbin’s supporters have written him notes on the sidewalk

Following the news of his passing, Moonbin’s fans have not stopped grieving. Fans in South Korea have left many letters and pictures on the streets to show their grief. Since then, supporters have additionally added candles, flowers, and balloons.

On Twitter, people have also started planning memorial services for the late musician throughout Europe and Asia and have asked other admirers for assistance. If anyone wants to assist in organizing a tribute for our Moonbin in London, please comment or contact me! One user commented.

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