What’s hiding inside ‘Pristine’ Amazon rainforest? Ancient human-made structures!

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
'Pristine' Amazon rainforest unveil lost cities which were once home to millions of people

‘Pristine’ Amazon rainforest hiding thousands of ancient human-made structures. Recent research has unveiled a startling truth about the Amazon rainforest.

‘Pristine’ Amazon rainforest Biggest Secrets & Mysteries

The romanticized view of the Amazon as an entirely uncharted wilderness has held sway for generations. This novel investigation throws into question the presumption upon which that perspective has been based for so long. Modern technology has enabled scientists to find proof of prehistoric human cultures that previously coexisted in the Amazon rainforest. LIDAR (light detection and ranging), an airborne laser mapping tool that enables researchers to “see” human-made structures hidden behind layers of dirt and dense vegetation, was used to make the finding.

Earthworks such as ditches, geoglyphs, ponds, wells, and geometric shapes are among these man-made structures. These massive earthworks, which were constructed hundreds of years ago has been secretly getting used. People have been residing in and influencing this area for more than fifteen centuries.

“Closed-canopy forests across Amazonia are likely to contain thousands of unexplored archaeological sites around which pre-Columbian groups actively changed forests,” researchers write in their study. The comprehension of the extent of prehistoric human influence on the Amazon and its current state will be significantly affected by this recent finding.

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The Amazon rainforest has never been the barbaric wilderness that it was normally envisioned to be, according to archaeologist Eduardo Neves of the University of So Paulo. Instead, through many thousands of years, indigenous people have shaped and changed it. In order to show that the Amazon is more than just an ecological gem but also a bio-cultural inheritance, he emphasizes how indigenous peoples and the forest have coevolved together throughout history.

Mysteries in the Southwest Amazon

The discoveries cast doubt on the idea that this vast area remained untouched by human hands. By showing that many of these prehistoric human earthworks are concentrated in the southwest of the Amazon basin. These findings also have important ramifications for indigenous group recognition and land rights. Particularly in Brazil where land rights have been a contentious topic. According to the researchers, these findings show concrete evidence of ancient occupation, lifestyles. And also the close relationship that indigenous communities have with the forest.

The Amazon rainforest stands as an undisputed global ecological marvel. But the recent revelations surrounding its depths inject an exhilarating dimension to its already awe-inspiring status. Within its labyrinthine green expanse lie not just natural wonders, but also the captivating vestiges of human history and culture. As we relentlessly unearth the secrets hidden within the Amazon’s heart, we unravel an exciting tapestry, vibrant with life and pulsating with the echoes of a rich history. All set against the backdrop of this extraordinary jungle.

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