What More Exercise Do You Need to Live a Long Life


Marathon study raises several key issues concerning the effects of different exercise volumes on longevity. How much physical exercise is excessive? And what is the ideal amount. The year before, a study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Looked at the relationship between weekly exercise and mortality outcomes. The study identified a “U-shaped connection” between total weekly exercise time. The risk of cardiovascular and all-cause death using long-term data from over 9,000 participants.

What should be that upper limit?

Higher weekly sports training volumes cardio exercise, but also ball sports, weightlifting, and anything that makes you sweat or gasp for air. Initially resulted in a significant reduction in mortality risk, but those advantages started to wane. In those who trained hard for longer than 4.5 hours per week. Although their mortality risks were still much lower than those of non-exercisers. They did not fare as well as those who used a more moderate level of physical activity.

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Although the possible danger of very high weekly hours of sport engagement should be taken into account. The study’s authors stated that participation in sport activities should be encouraged.

“Excessively demanding exercise may potentially reverse. Some of the lifespan advantages of moderate exercise”

Those who ran between 60 minutes and 2.4 hours per week had the best mortality outcomes. Benefits started to diminish among those who ran more. In fact, the most “strenuous” runners— defined as running at a pace of at least 7 miles-per-hour. For four or more hours per week — had mortality rates on par with sedentary adults who didn’t run at all. “Long-term strenuous endurance exercise may induce pathological structural remodeling of the heart. Also large arteries,” that study team wrote.

The idea that excessive exercise might shorten lifespan by damaging the heart. Which supported by new study on animals. If you want to achieve your potential, you should aim for no more than 150 minutes per week of rigorous activity.

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