Heart Attack and Gym : Is there a real connection between them Dr. Ashish Tiwari explains

gym vs heart attack

Every person is aware of the health benefits of exercise, and with so many options available. Today, virtually anybody can find an activity they enjoy. Heart disease is more likely to occur if you don’t move around frequently. According to the World Heart Federation, if you don’t exercise enough your chance of developing the disease increases by 50%2.

Resistance exercise is an excellent method to reduce your risk of developing a disease. Regular aerobic activity, such as walking is proven to be beneficial to the heart. It can assist you in losing weight and lowering your blood pressure. One and another of which are risk factors for disease. However, exercise can occasionally increase your risk of having a heart attack. Especially if you have heart disease and don’t limit how much you do.

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The heart keeps going through extreme physical stress


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Numerous studies have also found a correlation between increased cardiorespiratory fitness or physical exercise and decreased incidences of disease. These facts, as well as the fact that exercise demonstrated to decrease the aging process. More likely contributing to the rising percentage of individuals who feel that “more exercise is better.” As a result, an increasing number of individuals worldwide are participating in endurance training. Long-distance endurance events and high-intensity interval training.

Are there any side effects to intense exercise?

Strenuous physical exercise can raise the risk of sudden cardiac death and heart attack in persons. Who are already at risk, particularly if they are overweight. Recent research has also revealed that both performing a lot of exercise and doing it intensely can contribute to cardiac problems.

These issues include accelerated calcification of the arteries and exercise-induced release of cardiac biomarkers. An increase in the amount of collagenous scar tissue in an irregular. Sometimes extremely fast rhythm can lead to blood clots.

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