Following A Good Lifestyle Is As Important As Working Out For Overall Health And Well- Being

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Many people are dying at a very young age because of smoking, sedentary lifestyle. Not having a good and healthy lifestyle is one of the main key many young people are loosing their life. Inder Kumar, Amit Mistry, Raj Kaushal and now reportedly Sidharth Shukla to add to the unfortunate list of celebrities who lost their lives to heart attack. Even though Shukla was fit and healthy he still fall preyed to this. Shukla, at 40, who was at the peak of his career and was enjoying the stardom that one can only desire of, left for the heavenly abode today.

But at this point of time when people are actually taking care of their health and working out. What could be the reason behind so many young people being dead. Is it because of the stress cause by the pandemic as many people during these went through rough phases. Or is it because of unhealthy lifestyle. No matter what is the reason, no matter how much you work out. But not following a healthy lifestyle will never give you a long life. To be fit physically is important but also one has to be fit internally.

Dr , Head and Senior Consultant  Dr Subhendu Mohanty- Cardiologist, Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida, tells you that the rising cases of heart attacks among the young can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and stress. Though people have become concerned about their health, they are not taking proper care of it.

Although we have seen that during pandemic many people has started working out and even take care of their health properly . But are they really taking care? Living a healthy lifestyle is as important as working out everyday. Some believe only those with high cholesterol or blood pressure can suffer from a heart attack. Hence, they focus more on this and get their blood tests done every six months. These are all unscientific methods being propagated by several agencies. As per science, one need not go for a routine check-up at the age of 30,” says Mohanty. People have to understand what the major risk factors are. Today these are stress and smoking.

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Many people often takes stress very lightly which is also the cause of heart attack. The second thing is smoking. Smoking has become a normal habit for many people. Some people even have the habit of smoking cigarettes like drinking water everyday. Beside all these poor diet, not exercising, not sleeping well also plays a major role. This days it has become common to be awake till late not having a proper sleeping patterns are the root cause of many problems to be honest. Late night shift, binge watching series late at night.
All these disturb our sleeping patterns to various extend. A proper sleep routine can’t be replaced if you didn’t had a proper sleep schedule one night. Next day you often feel stress out exhausted or frustrated. It can also increase the stress level.

It is important to quit smoking if you want to take care of your heart and health and overall well being. This can be a huge help for your body. “It is important to quit smoking if you love your heart. Many people compare themselves with other people that if the other one is smoking 20 cigarettes a day and is doing perfectly fine, I can do away with one. This is wrong. We can’t tell whose body is reacting to these toxins,” asserts Mohanty.

Today youngsters and celebrities often focus more on muscle building rather than overall health. They seem to focus only on outer health and avoid inner health. A person going to gym and not eating a healthy diet is also prone to heart attack similar to that of person who doesn’t and smoke a lot. “People can say that celebrities exercise a lot, and still fall victims to heart attack. The fact of the matter is that it is not only about muscle building. One has to stay healthy from inside and stress can never let it happen,” opines Mohanty.

Also during the time of pandemic many people has switched to supplement related to immunity boosting. Some of these supplements might be good but some can be really really harmful. It has actually become a trend to consume supplements.

“It is important to know what supplements you are taking. Some of these can be anabolic steroids which can do more harm than good. Most of the brands in the market don’t clearly mention the ingredients and certificates, hence it becomes difficult to know what you are having. This unrestricted use of supplements in daily life may also be a reason for the increased incidents of heart attacks in the young,” said Dr Subhendu Mohanty

Tips that can actually help

  • Use any supplement only after thorough research about its ingredients and certifications.
  • By adding one fruit or 250 grams of raw vegetables in the form of salad, like cucumber, can help improve your heart health. Diabetics can look for fruits which have less sugar.
  • Don’t add extra salt in your food.
  • Say no to vanaspati ghee. Also, avoid baked foods like cakes and cookies. They have a high amount of vanaspati ghee in it.
  • Avoid empty sugars. These are widely available in soft drinks.
  • Take adequate sleep.
  • Spend time with your family. Indulging in playing games will help reduce stress.
  • Pause, think and unwind for a while.

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