What Exactly Is Keratin Treatment? Hair Care Treatment

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Do you have frizzy, curly, or difficult-to-manage hair? A keratin treatment is one of the most effective methods for simplifying and transforming the texture of your hair, but it’s not just for straightening. Keratin treatments are versatile and have several advantages over other long-term straightening techniques. This article will teach you everything you need to know to decide if it’s the right product for you, as well as how to save money and time by performing the treatment at home.

How Does It Work?

Your hair is made up of keratin, which gives it structure, but it is the presence of bonds between each protein that gives it strength and shape. Hair that has a high number of disulfide bonds between cysteine amino acids is both stronger and curlier. Which in turn weakens your hair. This is why a keratin hair treatment is so beneficial.

Keratin treatments create new bonds and repair those that have been affected. This has two advantages: it changes the texture of your hair and repairs the damage.

Benefits Keratin hair treatments

  • Smooth and straighten frizzy hair
  • Repair damage to your hair by adding shine and soft texture.
  • Increase hair porosity and strength
  • Make styling your hair a lot easier.

Keratin hair straightening, unlike relaxers, can be used on damaged hair. For this reason, it is the best method for straightening colored hair. While thermal conditioning is typically safe to use on previously dyed hair, even the most severely damaged hair can be straightened with keratin.

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Procedures for Use of Keratin Treatment

  • First, wash your hair with clarifying shampoo.
  • Towel dry before lightly blow drying until damp.
  • Smooth the treatment through your hair while keeping it flat and straight.
  • Blow-dry your hair in sections parallel to the direction of growth.
  • Straighten your hair in sections until it is smooth and shiny.
  • Allow the product to set into your hair for up to 72 hours, keeping it smooth and dry until then, before shampooing it out.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Following any keratin treatment, proper aftercare is essential. The treatment requires you to do a few simple things to achieve this, and how you care for your hair from now on will determine how long the effects last.

  • To keep your keratin hair treatment in place, avoid using salt water and products containing sodium lauryl sulphate as much as possible.
  • Apply keratin shampoo and conditioner to your hair. Products designed for treated hair help to reintroduce a little more keratin into the hair with each wash, extending the effects.
  • Don’t dye your hair for two weeks after treatment, though you can dye it right before the treatment.
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight and pool water.

Other general hair care measures, such as the use of leave-in conditioners and serums to keep your hair hydrated and protected from humidity and heat from styling tools, can also help to prolong the effects.

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