Uganda Passes Law Making It a Crime To Identify As LQBTQ

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Even as the globe moves toward inclusion, Uganda approved a bill on Tuesday criminalizing Homosexual identification. It also outlaws “conspiracy to participate in homosexuality.”

Internationally The Law Has Been Condemned

Anybody found in violation of the laws faces harsh penalties, including execution for aggravated homosexuality, while gay sex is punishable by life in jail. Same-sex relationships were already outlawed in Uganda. But backers of the new law argue that it is necessary to punish a broader range of LGBTQ acts. Claiming that they endanger traditional values in the conservative and religious East African country.

Uganda Passes Law

The new law includes harsh penalties such as death for “aggravated homosexuality.” And life in prison for same-sex relationships. According to the law-aggravated homosexuality includes same-sex activities with people under the age of 18. Or when the culprit is HIV positive, among other things.

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Proponents of the new legislation argue that it is necessary to penalize a broader range of Homosexual behaviors. According to them, these activities represent a danger to the conservative and devout East African nation’s traditional values.

Uganda Passes Law lgbtqai

Bill Delivered To President Yoweri Museveni’s Signature

According to several reports, Museveni has long been an opponent of Gay rights. Mugisha said he will sue the government over the law. Claiming it was unconstitutional and breached several international treaties to which Uganda is a signatory. Following this, he did not specify when he planned to file a lawsuit.

According to two Kampala-based lawyers, a case like his has a high chance of overturning the statute.

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