Prey Away is an LGBTQ conversion theory Documentary series set in the 1970s

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
prey away

Netflix has become the best source of entertainment for people around the world especially during the time of the Pandemic. The contents, series, documentaries, and movies worldwide can be found on one platform, and nothing can be better than this. So Netflix is back again with another thought-provoking documentary on LGBTQ community conversion. This documentary is a series of changes and ups and downs it shows that homosexuality can be changed and there is nothing called gays, trans, or lesbians. It very well captures the story and shows how people in the early days believed that homosexuality can be converted and changed or treated like any disease. The opening of the trailer shows how people confessed that they were homosexual and then they got converted in a span of 13 years. The trailer itself is very powerful. It shows how Orthodox people were back then about the LGBTQ community. The documentary is directed by Kristine Stolakis. It is based on an Exodus international who believed that gay people can be converted into straight with the help of prayer and conversion theory and also based on the traumas of the survivors of this therapy.

The documentary is set in the 1970s where real footage and people’s testimonial are being featured as well. It also features one activist, Jeffrey McCall, who identifies as previously transgender and still pushes the ideas for other people to follow and believe that conversion theory can actually help people in becoming straight again. The most powerful and important thing about this documentary is that it features the testimony of people who were actually involved in the conversion theory and ran the Exodus organization.

Pray Away is one of the series that is made to pull out strong reactions from its viewers. It shows how Christianity is used as a weapon to threaten the life of gay people telling them gay is not something Jesus will accept and If you are a true Christian then you should stop being gay.

The documentary was originally released on July 16 June 2021 but Netflix, it was released on August 3. If you are strong enough to watch this documentary that is filled with thought-provoking and extreme emotion then this documentary is for you it was released on August 3 on Netflix  You can have a look at the trailer below before you watch the documentary.

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