Top Anime Web Series which are a Must Watch and need to be added in your watchlist.

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha

Anime is a Japanese name for cartoons or animation. Outside Japan, anime refers to Japanese animation films. They are characterized by dazzling graphics, dynamic characters, and its appealing themes like sci-fi, romance, and supernatural forces. Consider the following rules of logic: all anime shows are cartoons, but not all cartoons are anime. Anime is a Japanese film and television animation style. Anime has changed and improved significantly in terms of production value, universality, and appeal in recent years. The international nature of anime and its unique popularity in Western countries are responsible for its variety as a medium.

Here are some of the top anime that you will not regret watching. These anime web series are a must and best for binge-watching.

Death Note

The anime “Death Note” is a must-watch classic anime series. It centers on Light Yagami, a teenager who uses the Death Note to acquire extraordinary powers. A book that allows its owner to execute whomever they want by just entering their name in the book. With the help of the Death Note’s mighty and brilliant mind. Light embarks on a murderous “moral” campaign that has an effect on the whole globe. A game of cat and mouse between World Class detectives who rival Light in intelligence and cunning follows. The scenes of this anime have several live-action adaptations. This program went on to influence a large number of other dark protagonists in shonen anime. Which justly merits its position among the greatest and most enduring anime of all time.

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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan was released in 2013 and became an instant classic. It is about the three friends, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, as they fight with humanity’s best troops against colossal Titans and threats outside their city gates. What began as a conventional shonen anime turned into an incredible work of art confronting themes of war, classism/racism, and other serious issues. It’s difficult to find somebody who hasn’t been influenced by this program, with director Alex Garland citing it as a source of inspiration. A combination of high-intensity combat, leisurely character-driven sequences, and unexpected Game of Thrones-style fatalities combine in one of the best anime to emerge from the contemporary era.

Demon Slayer

The unprecedented Demon Slayer has gained popularity in recent years. It comes as no surprise for the viewers who have followed the series so far. Demon Slayer’s every episode is dependably stunning, with fluent animation that never sacrifices its exquisite art, great visual effects that bring the epic fights to life, and incredible music that punctuates its many emotional high moments. Not only that, but Demon Slayer will make you laugh out loud. With its over-the-top ridiculousness of characters like Zentisu and Inosuke. It will also make you cry with its dark themes of loss and family.

Fullmetal: Alchemist Brotherhood

Most anime struggles to balance a plot of unique characters, iconic events, and spectacular combat while laying out elaborate world-building. It is what distinguishes Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The frame for our entry into this vast universe is one of sympathy. We can see why the Elric brothers would engage in prohibited alchemy to restore their deceased mother at the expense of their physical bodies. Despite supernatural intervention smacking them in the face and telling them no, they press on with their mission. And their desire to restore their mother provides the impetus that propels them into a world of monsters, political conspiracies, and divinity. Despite its grandeur, FMA: Brotherhood understands when to lay it down.

One Piece

One Piece has more than 1000 episodes and has been entertaining viewers for over 20 years. Eiichiro Oda started writing One Piece as a manga series in 1997. Toei Animation converted it into an enduringly well-liked anime series in 1999. It may be challenging for any anime to maintain a follow. As both new and seasoned viewers given how long the series has been running with its pirate adventure. As Eiichiro Oda has such a brilliant intellect, One Piece can do that. This series rockets to the top of shonen anime history. Thanks to the expansive world-building, the complex characters, the amusing adventure, and the amazing translation that occasionally surpasses the manga. Oda’s vision is what has given the series such a strong foundation.



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