The All-Time Greatest Anime To Watch Here are the best Anime of all time

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

For your viewing pleasure, here are the best Anime of all time!

Anime — a word that elicits a wide range of reactions from different people. Some people may not even know what anime is. While others may be put off by the mere mention of the medium. And then there are those who practically devote their lives to keeping up with each new anime season. Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Beyblade are frequently blamed for this. Having begun as after-school rituals and blossomed into a lifelong passion spanning a variety of niches and subgenres.

One Piece: The Never ending Masterpiece

We can’t begin a list of the greatest anime characters without mentioning one of the longest and most popular stories ever told, can we? One Piece is a story about adventure, freedom, romance, and following your heart no matter who you face or how you appear.

one piece

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This epic, created by Eiichiro Oda, has been running for over 24 years and has over 1000 chapters. But the story’s quality remains incredibly high. Just by looking at what’s going on in the Wano Arc right now. You can see how amazing the story still is after all this time. Best anime to watch for beginners.

Gintama: The Iconic Comedy Anime

Gintama is another massively successful Shonen series! It belongs to a variety of genres, including adventure, shonen, comedy, science fiction, and mystery. Best anime series to watch.

the all time

However, the emphasis is primarily on the action or the gags. The plot is as bizarre as they come, taking place in an alternate version of Edo Japan where aliens have taken over.

Demon Slayer: The Newest Star Of Shounen Best Anime movies

There was no avoiding Demon Slayer’s adaptation after it premiered in 2019. This show, animated by notable studio Ufotable, was so obviously well-crafted. That it was clear from the first episode that this series was going places. And go places it did, because Demon Slayer.


Whether in manga or anime form, is enormously popular in both the East and the West. And, with Mugen Train now available on Crunchyroll, its popularity is sure to rise again before season 2.

Best anime to watch Hajime No Ippo: Formulaic In The Best Way

Next up is Hajime No Ippo, one of the only series to last longer than One Piece and a shining example of how incredible sports anime can be.


Hajime No Ippo is a top-tier sports series that follows Makunouchi Ippo’s entire career. From a pacifistic kid who was bullied to a name known worldwide.

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