Are your aware of these dreadful games?

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Games that provide risks that parents should be aware of to keep their kids safe

Many parents caution their kids about the risks of alcohol and drugs. Meanwhile, fewer parents are aware that they should warn their kids away from fictional “games” that carry a real risk of damage or even death.

Teenagers usually keep the details of these behaviors hidden. Parents frequently learn about hospitalizations or deaths in the neighborhood after the fact.

Chest Game

In this fatal “game,” the goal is to strangle someone in order to momentarily improve their mood by obstructing the flow of oxygen to their brain. Many kids have done this on their alone or in groups, using their hands or a rope.

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A challenge relating to cinnamon

Numerous YouTube videos have been created to demonstrate this odd problem. One teaspoon of ground cinnamon must be eaten without any water. Your mouth becomes dry from the spice, making it practically impossible for anybody to succeed.

Most of the time, a big cloud of what looks like cinnamon powder is coughed up right away. Because of how intense the flavor is, some people vomit. Some people experience coughing fits after inhaling the little particles. It is quite uncommon for people who have inhaled powder to need to be hospitalized and put on ventilators.

Breathing or dusting

20% of American kids purposefully consume everyday objects by the time they are in the eighth grade.

These medications provide a transient, euphoric high by reducing the quantity of oxygen that is inhaled into the brain. But if you continue doing it for too long, you risk dying or becoming seriously hurt.

Santelli claims that it can cause extremely serious brain damage and be highly addictive or habit-forming. The improper medicine choice might be harmful or even fatal.

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