Taylor Swift ‘Eras Tour’ Most Attended Female Concert US History

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Taylor Swift has broken the record for the most-attended female concert in US history. With a total opening night of up to 70,000 attendees in her ‘Eras Tour’ 2023. This record was previously held by Madonna for her 1987 performance. Taylor Swift wrapped off her first Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona, and the tour has been a huge success for the artist.

Taylor has already broken records on the first day of the event. The vocalist now holds the record for the most attended concert by a female artist in the United States of America. In Arizona, about 69k people attended the first concert of the Eras Tour. Swift’s Eras Tour is a 52-city tour that will take the singer across North America.

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The opening event, which took place in ‘Swift City,’ featured 44 songs from Taylor’s ten albums and lasted more than three hours. That was a night to remember and enjoy her music. Taylor’s performance was divided into sections for each of her 10 albums, and she managed to go through the huge blockbusters. Anti-Hero, Love Story, Shake It Off, etc. as well as fan favorite album tracks tolerate it, All Too Well, etc.

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Taylor Swift’s first and third albums-Taylor Swift and Speak Now. It received less attention than the others, with Taylor playing only one song from each. Fans are simply pleased with the massive amount of music she had produced.

Taylor Swift’s Outfit for the night

She presented herself with gusto, as she has on previous trips. Taylor has gone above and beyond yet again, wearing 15 outfits during the evening. She wore rhinestone bodysuits, a gold floor-length gown, a shimmering silver suit, and many other outfits. Taylor was wearing the iconic “not a lot going on at the moment” t-shirt from the “22” music video, but she’d modified it slightly.

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