Top 10 Red Carpet Outfits from Oscars 2023

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Red Carpet Oscar 2023. top 10 outfits of the celebs

The Oscar Red Carpet was champagne rather than red for the first time since 1961. The color change might not have been to everyone’s taste. But, it did not affect how extravagant it was. The stars brought to the greatest night in celebrity fashion, with fun rosette accents and angelic white dresses taking center stage. The 95th annual Oscars kicked off early on Monday in Los Angeles, California at the Dolby Theatre. The glam gala this year acknowledges the best cinematic performances of the year.

The A-listers, however, walk the Oscars red carpet in their most elegant evening attire and most beautiful makeup. One of the most viewed worldwide red carpets Award Ceremony. It is expected that the guests would arrive dressed in stunning, elegant attires. It’s a lot to expect, but throughout this award season, several of the finalists have already demonstrated their stylish prowess. Regardless of who wins tonight’s awards, what the celebrities wear to the ceremony will undoubtedly be talked about just as much as the results.

They Never Disappoint when it Comes to Red Carpet 

Rihanna was spotted at the Oscars, wearing an Eagles T-shirt and a huge sequined hat. Everyone was too preoccupied with how legendary she was in her seeming apathy to be saddened by the possibility of her depriving us of another red-carpet moment. But when it comes to Rihanna, she never fails to disappoint. Instead, she made another late-night red carpet entrance in an amazing belly-baring Alaa. There’s so much to like about it. Her thighs have slits! The leather trim around her neck and chest frames with sheer fabric framing her baby belly perfectly.

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The Internet has been praising Cara Delevingne’s outfit as a huge hit. While the majority of visitors wore white or black this year, Delevingne stood out in a deep passionate crimson. The rose on her shoulder is large, yet it doesn’t overshadow like flowery embellishments sometimes do. Her gown’s flowing at the hip is reminiscent of dramatic curtains separating to highlight her leg at center stage. The outfit served as a reminder that Cara Delevingne is more than simply a fashion model; she is a real supermodel with an unmistakable fashionista.

Lady Gaga’s Versace gown was fresh off the runway from Donatella Versace’s fall 2023 presentation in Los Angeles last week. While theatrics are generally associated with Gaga’s red-carpet appearances, it was nice to see her in a garment that did all the talking. Gaga looked stunning, and her personality shone through without her having to speak a single word. And, of course, the unexpected low-cut back that revealed everything gave this outfit the type of cheeky nod she’s renowned for, without the need for a red-carpet escort.

Very Notable Outfits 

Tems chose a Lever Couture outfit that flowed around her like a trail of smoke. Giving a more avant-garde variation look to the hooded gown. With its tulle stroking her face, shoulders, and hair like a kind hug, her dress looked finest from all perspectives. Michelle Yeoh and Michelle Williams both had angelic features, but Tems had the hazy, feathered appearance of heaven itself.

The Oscars champagne carpet and other red carpets are covered in rosettes. Nicole Kidman made them appear enticing rather than worn out. The rosettes don’t suffocate Kidman in her Armani Privé dress; rather, they seem to sprout from her shoulder and at the top of her thigh, brushing against her shoulder and leg. Do you ever receive flowers from a partner that you simply want to smother yourself in and hug close to you? This has the appearance of that level of closeness shrouded under clothing. She undoubtedly exuded a sense of unwavering confidence with a seductive appearance.

Gucci’s burnt orange sequined gown makes Salma Hayek seem like a flaming vision. The hue resembles that fleeting moment in a sunset that is impossible to capture in a photograph when the pink fades into yellow before the night sky takes over. With this look, Hayek not only encapsulated the same beauty, but she also exuded it fully with every movement.

As executive producer of the short film Stranger at the Gate, Malala Yousafzai made her Oscars debut tonight. She was one of the first people to arrive on the red carpet, and she immediately raised the standard with her silver sequin Ralph Lauren hooded gown. It fits Yousafzai well because of the garment’s enduring strength. The educational activist is a powerful force, especially when dressed in glittering sequins.

The Experimental Looks 

Michelle Yeoh has the air of a shape-shifting model. While many celebrities choose a certain image for their Oscars campaign. Yeoh isn’t hesitant to try new things, push herself, and constantly alter her look. She looked heavenly tonight in a Dior Couture gown that resembled a wearable cloud and was adorned with a priceless headband that resembled a tiara. The appearance is evocative of what most of us imagined wearing as children. In light of this, it seemed appropriate that Yeoh made history while wearing this outfit decades after. What many in her field would mistakenly refer to as her “peak.” Her Oscars experience and this attire made her feel like a childhood fantasy had come true.

People have stopped taking chances at the Oscars in recent years, opting instead for the conventional over something more exciting. Not Janelle Monáe, though. She was having a good time in her whimsical Vera Wang dress, which gave the neutral carpet a lovely splash of color. Black velvet chokers may be brought back only on the strength of the style. As she said to a red carpet interviewer, “I represent myself .”

Everyone was expecting Cate Blanchett to reuse a dress from a prior event. As she has done for years, particularly regularly on the red carpet. For this statuesque Louis Vuitton outfit, she didn’t go through her archive. But styled with a vintage top, and a skirt made of eco-friendly silk. The gaze circled her body, enveloping her in grandeur, flowing like smooth liquid that had been frozen in time. Blanchett floated down the red carpet while other attendees merely strolled.


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