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Don’t Allow Chlorine to Bleach Your Summer Hair

Chlorine is a chemical that is used in pools and jacuzzis to

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The Modern Man’s Guide to Dermatology: Expert Advice for Skin Care

Having healthy skin is important for everyone, but it is particularly crucial

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What Exactly Is “Skin Cycling,” and Should You Try It?

Despite its name, "skin cycling" is not a spin class for your

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How to Avoid Excessively Dry Skin After Shower

Taking a shower is an important part of many of our daily

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How to Create the Most Effective Morning Skin Care Routine?

Some people are born with naturally glowing skin. The rest of us

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Facial Queries? Things to do Before and After a Facial

A facial treatment is a wonderful experience that provides numerous beauty benefits.

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What is Collagen? How to Stimulate it? Skin and Body

How to Boost Collagen Production in the Skin and Body Collagen is

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What are the Causes of Cellulite in the Legs?

Cellulite is a condition characterised by fat deposits in the connective tissue

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Age Spots? 7 Best Hand Treatments to Remove Age Spots

Age spots are small oval-shaped discolorations of the skin that are typically

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Wrinkles Problem? 8 Effective Methods Wrinkles and Fine Lines

We are all aware that growing older is a normal part of

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