How to Avoid Excessively Dry Skin After Shower

While washing our bodies is necessary, excessive showering can be detrimental to skin care. Our skin contains natural oils that are stripped away by water, resulting in dry skin.

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Taking a shower is an important part of many of our daily routines. Humans have been showering in waterfalls for millennia because we have a need to clean our bodies. The Greeks were the first to use indoor showers, which involved pumping water into and out of their homes. Since then, we’ve created modern showers that are simple, effective, and enjoyable to use.

Nowadays, we probably take too many showers. While washing our bodies is necessary, excessive showering can be detrimental to skin care. Our skin contains natural oils that are stripped away by water, resulting in dry skin. Showering too frequently can also cause inflammation and increase the chances of developing eczema.

Of course, personal hygiene is so important to our social lives that skipping a shower is unthinkable. There are, however, ways to avoid extremely dry, sensitive skin after a shower. You won’t have to worry about dryness, irritation, or inflammation after showering if you follow some simple skin rejuvenation best practices.

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Check out these beauty tips for dealing with extremely dry skin after a shower:

Avoid taking long hot showers

Showering is a productive way to start the day. The first splash of warm water against your skin feels like an energy boost, waking you up from your slumber. A long shower routine in the morning, on the other hand, can quickly dry your skin.

The long, hot shower removes many of your skin’s essential oils. This causes flaky, itchy, or dry skin, which is exacerbated if you scratch it excessively. Instead, adjust the water temperature and take a lukewarm shower.

Don’t scrub your skin too hard

Many people enjoy hopping into the shower after a long day of work and scrubbing the filth from their bodies. While you should lather thoroughly, avoid scrubbing with too much force or aggression. There’s a common misconception that scrubbing harder gets you cleaner, but this isn’t true.

The surface of your skin contains important proteins and lipids that provide moisture, but they can be removed if you scrub too hard. This causes skin dryness, irritation, rashes, and the worsening of eczema. Also Read This Winter try this Home Made Face Packs for Face Dryness

Choose a good soap

There are numerous soap brands on the market, making it difficult to determine which one is best for your extremely dry skin. Some body washes, gels, and bar soaps contain irritants that cause your skin to dry quickly. Our skin’s natural pH level is 5.5, and bar soap is around 10.

It is preferable to use a neutral pH soap. Look for soaps made with natural ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil. As you wash, these eco-friendly ingredients will moisturise your skin.

Gently pat your skin dry

Following a revitalising shower, step outside and thoroughly dry your body. This is the most vulnerable time for skin damage to occur. Using a rough towel to dry off is notoriously bad for your skin. The same is true for using quick or rough motions to dry each part of your body.

The force will deplete your skin of essential and beneficial oils. Instead, go slowly with the drying process. To remove excess water from your skin without irritating it, use a soft, absorbent towel.

Moisturise your skin

After-shower skin care is critical, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin. After you’ve finished showering, apply a natural moisturiser to your body. It’s fine if your skin gets a little wet during the process. The moisturiser will seal the water into your skin cells, replenishing the hydration lost during your shower.

Many moisturising lotions and other skin care products are available for purchase online. Look for products with a high water content that can effectively penetrate the skin. Natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil are another option.

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