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Pawan N Reddy Conjures Gods: ‘Pawan Parvah Series’ – A Mythic Revelation

  Unveiling a literary prodigy, Pawan N Reddy, born on June 5th,

Sandipan Sandipan

Discover the Exciting Amazon Prime Gaming: November 2023 Free Game Lineup

In November, Amazon Prime Gaming is pulling out all the stops for

ezra Dural ezra Dural

Embracing Efficiency: Amazon’s Humanoid Robots in Warehouses

In a bid to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service. Amazon,

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Amazon’s Drone Delivery Takes Flight in the UK

Amazon has just unveiled an exciting plan to bring drone deliveries to

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Revolutionizing Amazon Pay: With RuPay Credit Card EMIs

In a bid to redefine the online shopping experience, Amazon Pay, the

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Amazon’s Antitrust Battle: Impact on People and Business

In the Era of the Internet and e-commerce, the word "antitrust" has

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Amazon’s Investment up to $4 billion in Anthropic: Game-Changing AI Development

Tech giant Amazon, surprisingly announced an investment of Up to $4 billion

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Kayricka Wortham, Former Amazon Employee Sentenced to 16 Years for Stealing Nearly $10 Million

The U.S. Attorney's Office Northern Department of Georgia has sentenced Kayricka Wortham,

Suhana Parvin Suhana Parvin

UFC and WWE: Set to merge in one Big Entertainment Company

WWE and Endeavor Group Holdings Inc., owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Amazon Prime Video Launches New Feature: Dialogue Boost

Since TV dialogue has been more difficult to understand over time, everyone

Seema Rai Seema Rai